Tallit Prayer Shawl Making Set with Neckcollar with Blessing & Kosher Tzitzit String/fringes

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Tallit prayer shawl making Kit blessing Neckcollar- Black, Silver, & white and 1 package of Kosher Tzitizis Strings (fenough for all 4 corners -Brand New.

Blessing neckcollar can be Sewn- on and attached to any tallit prayer shawl

Hebrew blessing neckcollar black and white, and Silver as shown.

30 inches long

**1 neckcollar will be sent as shown .

**1 pack of tztizis string (for 4 corners)

Tallit/Prayer Shawl Tzitizis Strings (fringes)-Thin Wool kosher certified New.

1 new package. Thin kosher wool strings . This pack includes enough for a tallit all 4 corner fringes.

Strings will only be sent. NO tallit included

*NO prayer Shawl included

***All sales final onced purchased