Bar & Bat Mitzvah Tutoring Services

We offer in-home Bar & Bat Mitzvah throughout Arizona and also conduct lessons throughout the USA via Zoom/Skype to prepare any Bar or Bat Mitzvah student with reading and chanting skills including:
  • Basic Hebrew Reading
  • Prayer Service
  • Torah Portion
  • Haftorah Portion
  • Ceremony Blessings
  • Tefillin Wearing/ Background Info
  • Voice recordings of Portions
  • Havdalah Service
Our B'nai Mitzvah Tutors have over 30 years of experience in reading and conducting Torah Reading & Prayer Services for Shabbat and High Holiday Services.
We offer a 50 minute per week live Bnai Mitzvah lessons in your home while legal guardian is present at the home and work through each sentence of the lesson step by step.
We also provide non-judgmental lessons to all affiliated and unaffiliated Jewish families.
Don't currently belong to or not a member a synagogue to have ceremony?
We are usually able to facilitate a synagogue to hold your special event without full membership commitment or provide a real Torah to read from for your zoom-mitzvah.
We prepare our students by having them read from a miniature Torah during the live in home lessons so students are comfortable before the usual 1 week synagogue rehearsal.
Ben was highly recommended to us for our twins B’nai Mitzvah and he was outstanding. My kids learned so much along the way and Ben was very patient with them. He is a great tutor and connects so well with the kids. Reliable, kind and very knowledgeable. Thanks Ben for making this such a positive experience!
-L. S. Parent
'Ben was amazing with our son Eli, and Eli did such a great job. Our bar mitzvah was in Miami as that is where our family is, and to make it more complicated the service was orthodox & sephardic. Ben was able to work with Eli and make it all work, everyone including the Cantor was so impressed with Eli's performance that they all asked who trained him and wanted Ben's info! If he lived in Miami, we would be recommending him to all our family and friends, so instead we pass this review along. Your son and or daughter is in great hands if Ben is your tutor!'
-P. M. Parent
Call for more details and lets take care of your Bnai Mitzvah Tutoring & Judaica Needs TODAY!
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